wnelsonart@gmail.com WINONA NELSON artist & illustrator
Winona 12x18 inch print, signed - $20
Guardian of the Eastern Door 12x18 inch print, signed - $20
Open Your Eyes 12x18 inch print, signed - $20
STARSTUFF Extra Large print, signed - $30-$125
Choose from 3 different editions: The Movie Poster - 24x36 inches - Printed on standard poster stock The Art Print - Gorgeous high quality 30x40 inch print at exact size of the original painting The Metallic Print - For the truly magical, this 30x40 inch print is the size of the original painting but even more metal!
Poster Edition $30
Art Print Edition $100
Metallic Edition $125
NANABOOZHOO 16 x 20 inch print, signed, with 8 x 10 inch key - $40
Nanaboozhoo is a shapeshifter who stars in many stories of the Ojibwe and other tribes. A large print packed with a guide to the hidden animals! Limited edition of 50 prints.
UNIKRON - Rally the Birds 12x12 inch print, signed - $10


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